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Rare experts; I left with peace of mind”
Rebecca Newman, Harpers Bazaar
I have only had positive feedback from patients”
Dr Ebba Nielson, SW1
I am delighted to refer my patients here”
Dr Elaine Tickle, Harley Street
A well organised team providing a first class service”
Karl Murphy MD, St Mary's Hospital
Simone Ross has always been a wonderful support”
Jeffrey Braithwaite, The Portland Hospital
I highly recommend them to any new mother.”
Clare Byam-Cook, Midwife
Excellent osteopathy for mother and newborn baby”
Beth Graham, Midwife
London Osteopath - Kane and Ross

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Osteopaths London

Kane & Ross are osteopathy specialists based in Central London. We specialise in the osteopathic treatment of musculoskeletal pain. For more than a decade our osteopathy clinics have provided the highest standards of osteopathic care for people throughout London.

Most people that visit a Kane & Ross osteopathy clinic are in pain, when they walk through the door. Our osteopaths make it their priority to alleviate that pain using their hands on expertise and knowledge.

London Osteopath
What is an Osteopath?
An Osteopath is a practitioner of Osteopathy; a system of therapy that that focuses primarily on the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system while taking a holistic approach to health.
Living in London and looking for an Osteopath ? Call Kane and Ross now and make an appointment to meet with an osteopath at one of our Central London Osteopathy clinics.

Osteopathy – More than Manipulation of the Musculoskeletal System

Using their finely honed osteopathic palpatory skills and where necessary calling on scans, bloods or other diagnostic procedures, our osteopaths will establish the causes of the pain.  Once a diagnosis is made our osteopaths will design a treatment plan that works with your body structure to ease the pain and improve the body’s function.   Tension patterns held by the bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue are released.

Our osteopaths are trained in the range of osteopathy techniques and approaches, from soft-tissue stretches to high velocity thrust techniques that improve the range of movement of the joints, as well as more gentle rhythmic and cranial osteopathy techniques.

Cranial osteopathy techniques call on highly developed cranial palpation skills to gently but persuasively release tension patterns held within the body.  They are used successfully on babies, children and adults and are particularly valuable when more vigorous techniques are unsuitable such as during pregnancy.

Osteopathic treatment is not only intended to relieve the symptoms of pain, but to allow the body to function more efficiently. Osteopathy assists the body's self-healing capabilities.  Our osteopaths will work with you to move from pain and dysfunction towards improved levels of wellbeing.

We believe that patients often require an integrated approach to care. As well as providing a personalised follow-up programme of rehabilitation and education, we also have an extensive network of other highly qualified professionals that we refer to.

If you are in ACUTE PAIN we will do our best to give you an appointment on the day at one of our Central London osteopathy clinics. Please phone us on 020 7436 9007 or email


Back pain >>
acute joint strain, prolapsed disc, strained muscles

Neck pain >>
muscle tension, tension patterns, poor posture, disc prolapses

Shoulder pain >>
structural problems, posture, sporting injuries

General problems >>
foot, wrist, knee pain

In pregnancy >>
lower back pain, pelvic pain, indigestion, rib pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction (SPD)

Post-natal >>
general check-up, neck pain, pelvic floor pain, rib pain, back pain

Babies >>
newborn check-up, colic, difficulty feeding sticky eyes, constipation, sleeplessness, infections

Flat Head Syndrome / Plagiocephaly >>

Children >>
postural problems, ear nose and throat problems, breathing problems

Cranial osteopathy >>

Diagnostic ultrasound >>


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